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18th May 2022
Understanding The Messages From Rangers To Their Fans

Tonight Rangers will face Eintracht Frankfurt with the winner taking home the Europa League trophy.  The build up to the final has seen Scottish Premiership side Rangers sending out various… Read more »

9th May 2022
Scottish Football Fans Should Respect Each Other More

This isn’t an article that’s going to tell you to give up on football rivalry. I believe that rivalry within the game is actually a good thing and if that… Read more »

27th April 2022
Why Are Fans Not At Forefront Of New TV Deals?

We all remember the debacle of the European Super League. UEFA and most Football Associations came out and vigorously campaigned against the idea, they were quick to curry favour with… Read more »

22nd April 2022
Time To Step Up In Battle Against Crowd Trouble

We’ve seen quite a lot of disturbances from crowds in Scottish football this season.  Vile songbooks have been bellowed out from the stands, fighting has happened outside stadia, flares have… Read more »

1st April 2022
West of Scotland Football League: Paws In Pollok

I’ve discussed my love for non-league and lower league football in the past.  The West of Scotland Football League may have taken over from The Juniors but it’s still holds… Read more »

22nd March 2022
Scottish Football Helping Ukraine

We all know in normal circumstances Scotland would be playing Ukraine in a World Cup play-off tie this Thursday night at Hampden.  But unfortunately Ukraine has more important things to… Read more »

2nd March 2022
Supporting Scotland And Ukraine This Month

At the moment Scotland’s male national team will face their Ukrainian counterparts on the 24th of this month. The clash will see the victor go one step closer to this… Read more »

23rd February 2022
We Need Professional Officials!

Once again we have seen a spate of officiating decisions in Scottish football that has caused much anger and mirth this season.  Some easy decisions are being missed and calls… Read more »

17th February 2022
Mary, Queen of Scots and Her Connections To Scottish Football

This is an article that takes us back in time and outside of my wheelhouse but I hope you enjoy it.  Mary, Queen of Scots reigned during the 16th century…. Read more »

23rd January 2022
Celebrating The Scottish Cup!

Unfortunately I couldn’t go to a game this weekend due to unforeseen circumstances but that didn’t stop me enjoying the fun of The Scottish Cup.  I honestly believe we should… Read more »