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SFA Should Review Euro 2028 Commitment

Date: 17th November 2022

It was announced that the five associations of the UK and Ireland launched their bid to host Euro 2028. 

Fourteen stadiums have been shortlisted as venues for the possible fixtures in 2028 with Hampden Park being Scotland’s sole representative. 

Wales also only have one stadium in the running as does Northern Ireland, while Ireland have two and the list consists of nine English grounds. 

Scotland and the SFA shouldn’t settle for having one ground hosting games, while London has three! 

Why has Celtic Park and/or Ibrox Stadium been excluded from the list? 

There’s two in England’s north east and three in England’s north west. 

Yet I’d argue that Glasgow has a richer footballing history. Glasgow was the first city to host any sort of international football match after all. Both Celtic Park and Ibrox have regularly been praised by football’s top stars for creating some of the best atmospheres in world football. Glasgow also has the infrastructure to hold more people and get them around the city with plenty of hotel rooms, good public transport links and a road network that can get you to all of its stadia.  

Time and again Scotland as well as Wales and the two Irish FAs have to sit there and be happy to just accept the crumbs that the English FA and the UK government hand us from time to time. It’s ridiculous that the SFA would just accept this as an ideal solution. 

Just adding one more Glasgow stadium would see Scotland increase its income dramatically. Yet once again were are deemed an after thought. Clearly England want to host this event and are just carrying the rest of us to gain extra support. That’s not good enough. 

This also stinks of a political stunt and again I’m not sure that The SFA should be associated with it. 

If the UK and Ireland get the nod then I am sure it won’t feel like a UK and Ireland tournament when 2028 comes around. It will feel like the London Olympics 2012 when Hampden got the odd game. It will be all Three Lions and football coming home in the press and few people around the world will think of anything other than this being England’s tournament! 

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