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Alcohol Research

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We recently conducted research into Scottish football supporters’ perceptions of the alcohol ban in Scottish football and their opinions regarding potentially lifting restrictions upon its consumption within stadia.

The research was initially published in Supporters Direct Scotland’s ‘How Fans Affect Football’ document. The data for the research was taken from the Supporters Direct Scotland National Football Survey conducted in association with the Scottish Football Association.

The key findings of our research revealed the following:

  • 61% of survey participants were in favour of lifting the ban on alcohol consumption
  • While male participants were overwhelmingly in favour of lifting restrictions, 51% of females were against proposals
  • There was a clear trend of growing opposition with age of survey participants with more elderly respondents more opposed to potentially lifting the restrictions
  • Just under 50% of participants believed the restrictions had been successful in reducing crowd disorder and anti-social behaviour

AlcoholFor more information and further analysis of our results regarding this topic please contact Andrew Jenkin at the details below.

Andrew Jenkin
Project Manager, Supporters Direct Scotland
t:   01786 845 606