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The Scottish Supporters Network is hosted by Supporters Direct Scotland, and aims to capture the views of Scottish football fans and to help influence key decision makers through the formal governance structure of the game.

SD Scotland are the fans representative body as part of the Scottish FA’s Congress, and work with other stakeholders in the game, such as the police and local authorities, to make sure supporters’ needs are taken into consideration throughout our game.

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11th August 2020 - Scottish Football Has To Hammer Home Guidelines To Clubs And Players!

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today issued Scottish football with a yellow card and warned if players continued to flagrantly disobey the rules relating to the Covid-19 guidelines.  This follows… Read more »

10th August 2020 - We Need To Keep Vandals Away From Our Football Clubs

As many of you know, we have always been huge advocates of football and the local community coming together and making projects better for all sorts of people within our… Read more »

6th August 2020 - Let’s Ignore The Opinions Of Those That Never Watch Scottish Football

The Scottish Premiership kicked off this past weekend and us Scottish football fans are now desperate for the rest of our game to return.  Unfortunately the return of the Scottish… Read more »

23rd July 2020 - Scotland’s Israel Tie Could Be Ideal Way To Bring Fans Back

The SFA are hoping that Scotland’s Nations League fixture with Israel in early September could be used as a test to bring fans back into the stadium.  The final decision… Read more »

10th July 2020 - Getting Excited About Scottish Football Again

The Scottish government has given the green light to The SPFL to grant them permission for The Scottish Premiership to start their 2020-21 season on the first of August.  Scotland’s… Read more »

30th June 2020 - Tartan Army Should Welcome Lyndon Dykes If He Chooses Scotland

Livingston striker Lyndon Dykes has a big decision to make when it come to picking which international side to play for, with both Australia and Scotland vying for his services. … Read more »

22nd June 2020 - It’s Time Scottish Football Embraced The Rooney Rule

  The Black Lives Matter protests all across the world have shown us that our society is still not truly equal.  Now is the time, when we still have no… Read more »

17th June 2020 - SPFL Could’ve Respected Pyramid System Had They Promoted Brora Rangers & Kelty Hearts

Once again talk of league reconstruction has failed to materialise as too many clubs decided against a new 14-10-10-10 league set up.  It was always going to be a tough… Read more »

14th June 2020 - Clubs Urged To Do The Right Thing

Scottish football often suffers from ‘statement-itis’, but yesterday’s board update from Partick Thistle struck exactly the right note. With SPFL clubs being asked to cast indicative (rather than binding) votes… Read more »

14th June 2020 - Killie Hitting The Right Notes On Social Media

Many a Scottish football club have impressed me on social media channels during this lockdown but not many have been quite as strong as Kilmarnock FC (@KilmarnockFC).  The Rugby Park… Read more »

11th June 2020 - Permanent League Reconstruction Finally Up For Debate

We were delighted to see that the most recent league reconstruction proposals being debated by the SPFL clubs are for permanent change, rather than the temporary adjustments that would have… Read more »

10th June 2020 - Saluting James Anderson’s Wonderful Gesture

Today has been a good day for Scottish Football.  This morning, The SPFL Trust announced a donation of over £3m from Edinburgh based philanthropist James Anderson. This magnificent gesture will go… Read more »

8th June 2020 - To B Or Not To B Team?

The latest twist regarding league reconstruction has seen the idea of the big two in Glasgow having B teams in the lower leagues.  To be honest, I have never been… Read more »

3rd June 2020 - Everyone At Every Level Will Be Desperate To See A Return To Football

It’s great that there seems to be a pathway back to football for the Scottish Premiership. We are all hoping that the 2020/21 will kick off in early August.  But… Read more »


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