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The Scottish Supporters network offers fans a platform to discuss important issues within the game and offer opportunities to influence real change within the game. By joining, you will helping ensure the Scottish Supporters network is a strong, organised and unified voice with the common aim of improving the game for supporters. You’ll be invited to participate in surveys, polls and competitions and will be helping to make the network as representative as possible. Fans can be assured their views are represented through Supporters Direct Scotland’s work in association with the football authorities. We believe that having a strong vibrant fans movement allows us to act as a focal point for any organisation to hear the views of Scottish football supporters, be it the media, the Scottish Government or football authorities.
SD Scotland are calling upon clubs in Scotland to be proactive and creative in trying to make Scottish football more affordable and accessible for all. Scottish football's cheapest tickets are expensive compared to other European leagues (please see our research here). To try and increase the attendances of Scottish football and to make it more affordable to a wider demographic of fans, SD Scotland recommend a more diverse range of ticket prices especially aimed at enticing younger fans into grounds and to promote football as a more affordable pastime for families.
We've been invited to participate in Lord Bracadale's independent review of hate crime legilsation in Scotland. Please help inform our response by completing this survey to ensure fans' views are represented in a meaningful way. Survey results will also be used as evidence of supporters' views on the Offensive Behaviour Act as part of its Stage 1 scrutiny.  

We recognise the significant annual investment TV companies make into Scottish Football. We’re also sure that low attendances don’t look great as a TV spectacle. SDS wants to build a direct relationship with Sky Sports, BT Sport and BBC Scotland with a regular course of meetings. We know there must always be compromises, but we believe there’s a real opportunity for us to work together to promote the game we love.  You can take part in our survey, back our petition,  join the discussion and view our research to date via our Campaign For Change wall.

15th February 2019 - Forget Plastic Pitches! We Need To Fix Disciplinary System

PFA Scotland came out yesterday to state that a large number of Scottish Premiership footballers want plastic pitches to be banned.  The Player’s Union chairman and current St Johnstone Liam Craig midfielder… Read more »

14th February 2019 - Why Scotland Should Support Celtic’s European Adventure

I’ve been very happy watching the Scottish clubs in Europe this season.  Aberdeen were unlucky when the were drawn against English Premier League side Burnley but The Dons fought hard… Read more »

19th January 2019 - Scottish Clubs Need To Continually Look To Improve Fan Experiences

Scottish Clubs Need To Continually Look To Improve Fan Experiences

What does Scottish football need more than anything else to survive?  It’s not a strong Rangers and Celtic! It isn’t a better TV deal and it isn’t having a better… Read more »

13th January 2019 - Rangers Or Celtic? Why There’s Much More To Glaswegian Football!

Rangers Or Celtic? Why There’s Much More To Glaswegian Football!

“The truth of it is that if you are born in Glasgow then you are one side or the other.”  That’s what Chris Sutton stated to The Evening Times this… Read more »

10th January 2019 - We Need To Stop The Hate!

We Need To Stop The Hate!

At this current moment in time, the majority of our lives seems to be obsessed with constant toxic debates.  It doesn’t take you long to find people attacking each other… Read more »

7th January 2019 - Looking At The Exciting Scottish Premiership Title Race

Looking At The Exciting Scottish Premiership Title Race

  Who would have thought as we reached 2019 that we’d have such a strong title race in our top flight? Only three points separate first place and fourth spot! … Read more »

20th December 2018 - Can Ayr United Realise The Impossible Dream In 2019?

Can Ayr United Realise The Impossible Dream In 2019?

    I’ve been following Scottish football for twenty-nine years now and in all that time Ayr United haven’t graced Scotland’s top flight.  They never had a chance to play… Read more »

17th December 2018 - Behind the Goals with Bobby Williamson

Behind the Goals with Bobby Williamson

Join us as we go Behind the Goals with Scottish football manager Bobby Williamson. Bobby is best known for his association with Kilmarnock, where he finished his playing career and… Read more »


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