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The Scottish Supporters Network offers fans a platform to discuss important issues within the game and offer opportunities to influence real change within the game. By joining, you will helping ensure the Scottish Supporters network is a strong, organised and unified voice with the common aim of improving the game for supporters. You’ll be invited to participate in surveys, polls and competitions and will be helping to make the network as representative as possible. Fans can be assured their views are represented through Supporters Direct Scotland’s work in association with the football authorities. We believe that having a strong vibrant fans movement allows us to act as a focal point for any organisation to hear the views of Scottish football supporters, be it the media, the Scottish Government or football authorities.
SD Scotland are calling upon clubs in Scotland to be proactive and creative in trying to make Scottish football more affordable and accessible for all. Scottish football's cheapest tickets are expensive compared to other European leagues (please see our research here). To try and increase the attendances of Scottish football and to make it more affordable to a wider demographic of fans, SD Scotland recommend a more diverse range of ticket prices especially aimed at enticing younger fans into grounds and to promote football as a more affordable pastime for families.
We've been invited to participate in Lord Bracadale's independent review of hate crime legilsation in Scotland. Please help inform our response by completing this survey to ensure fans' views are represented in a meaningful way. Survey results will also be used as evidence of supporters' views on the Offensive Behaviour Act as part of its Stage 1 scrutiny.  

We recognise the significant annual investment TV companies make into Scottish Football. We’re also sure that low attendances don’t look great as a TV spectacle. SDS wants to build a direct relationship with Sky Sports, BT Sport and BBC Scotland with a regular course of meetings. We know there must always be compromises, but we believe there’s a real opportunity for us to work together to promote the game we love.  You can take part in our survey, back our petition,  join the discussion and view our research to date via our Campaign For Change wall.

27th March 2020 - Donate A Ticket

A crowdfunder for all 42 clubs has today been launched at As the campaign site says… A football club is made up of far more than the players we… Read more »

26th March 2020 - SFA and SPFL Payments Demystified!

Following the suspension of Scottish football, there have been a number of articles in the media regarding the financial support being provided by the Scottish FA to our clubs. £1.5m… Read more »

25th March 2020 - Highlighting Scottish Football’s Good Stuff

With much of Scotland now under some kind of lockdown, many of us are in our homes looking to occupy ourselves.  You might think that with Scottish football being out… Read more »

24th March 2020 - Coronavirus – Joint Response Group Update

We would like to share the latest report from the SFA and SPFL’s Joint Response Group, which meets daily. Following today’s meeting of the Joint Response Group, and further to… Read more »

19th March 2020 - My Favourite Scotland Jersey

Self isolation can be hard, it can be extremely tough for those of us that adore our football as that’s also in lockdown.  With that in mind, it can give… Read more »

15th March 2020 - Let’s Forget About League Titles!

I know it has been difficult not having Scottish football this weekend but we need to realise that this world pandemic is more important than fixtures and league titles.  Go… Read more »

11th March 2020 - Scottish Football Needs To Plan For Covid-19

“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don’t like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that.” While I admire… Read more »

29th February 2020 - Should All Scottish Fans Support Rangers In Europe?

Rangers produced a massive feat on Wednesday night as they beat S.C. Braga in the Europa League and reached the last sixteen of that illustrious competition. It wasn’t just a… Read more »

24th February 2020 - Behind the Goals: Warren Hawke

We began this episode by talking about this season’s Scottish Football Supporters Survey results, which you can read at – and the results of Alan’s geekery can be found at…he-results/ We… Read more »

21st February 2020 - The Highs And Lows Of Scottish Football… All In One Week

Scottish football always seems to have plenty of peaks and troughs. This week brought us both of them.  I’ll start off with the lows.  First off, the weather has been… Read more »

12th February 2020 - Morton Club Together explore community ownership

The second largest shareholder at Greenock Morton Football Club has announced that it is formally exploring if community ownership of the club could work and how best this can be… Read more »

11th February 2020 - Hearts and Motherwell making significant progress

In the last week, both Hearts and Motherwell have hit major milestones, demonstrating the power and potential of supporter ownership to secure a sustainable future for our football clubs. The Foundation… Read more »

7th February 2020 - Fairytales And Upsets Make Scottish Cup Magical

  It’s the fifth round of the Scottish Cup this weekend. There’s a few interesting ties out there but I’ll be keeping a keen eye on the fixture between BSC… Read more »

6th February 2020 - Let’s Fill Hampden!

The SFA announced this week that over 40,000 tickets have been sold for Scotland’s Euro 2020 play-off clash against Israel at Hampden on the 26th of March.  That’s a huge figure… Read more »


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