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We Need To Stop The Hate!

Date: 10th January 2019

At this current moment in time, the majority of our lives seems to be obsessed with constant toxic debates. 

It doesn’t take you long to find people attacking each other about politics, race or religion. On Twitter, it seems that you can be attacked for just declaring what you’ve just had for lunch. 

Unfortunately Scottish football seems just has hate filled as any Brexit debate or any arguments over a wall at the US Mexican border. 

The recent game between Rangers and Celtic brought with it huge criticism of the referee, John Beaton. That then led to supporters and the media chipping in with their two cents and being bombarded with attacks themselves. 

Now I love debate in football, without it our game would be a much duller place. Interaction should be encouraged, without discussion you can’t find a middle ground or discover new friends. 

If a referee makes a dodgy call, then by all means question it and point it out. 

But when people issue violent threats against an official then they’ve overstepped the mark. Given the abuse they get on a regular basis, I’m surprised anyone wants to be a football referee. It’s crazy to think that people will threaten them and their families just because they didn’t call the decision that you wanted them to. 

TV pundits and journalists also seem fair game for the obsessed online keyboard warriors. Again debate their opinion and express why you think they are wrong but do it in a civil and adult manner.

Players and managers are also targets, as we’ve seen this season, with so called supporters throwing coins at the opposition. 

It’s not just a mess coming from the two Glasgow clubs either, it’s an issue that is blighting our game up and down the country. I’d never have the balls to officiate at certain amateur grounds or during various games of Sunday League football. 

I’d urge clubs not to make public statements that criticise officials. This leads to more vitriol and I’m not sure the clubs get anywhere by issuing said statements.  

The world just seems more volatile with the rise of social media. Instead of following suit, football shouldn’t be used as an excuse throw up more hatred.

It’s a game that should be bringing people together!

By Scott Johnston (

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