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Motherwell Freeze Ticket Pricing

Date: 4th May 2017

Motherwell FC have confirmed that for the eight season in a row, they will continue with their ‘WELLevate’ scheme, which allows kids to watch Motherwell absolutely free of charge.

The club say their long-term focus and strategy is very much on the future ‘Well fans and that they hope they are creating the next generation of fans that will keep the club competitive.

The club have also announced that they have frozen all ticket prices across all stands for the 2017/18 season and they’ve reduced their 15 and under prices from £70 to just £20.

Ryan Murrant, Head of Marketing and Fan Engagement at Motherwell FC said:

“The club feel that it is not the time to make an increase (in pricing) but a time to engage with our supporters further on top of everything else that we do. We want to try and remove any barriers that may stop people coming here.”

“The freeze is across all tickets apart from the 15 and under where we have actually reduced prices from £70 to £20 for the season, £1 a game. We now plan to engage in a very strategised schools project with the Community Trust to reach out to as many school children and their families as possible. We want Fir Park to be their Saturday afternoon place to come.”

“With WELLevate, which is now in its 8th year, an adult can buy a season ticket in the Davie Cooper stand for £330, with that, we can give up to two junior season tickets alongside it. That makes it roughly £6 each for a day out. When you are competing with the cinemas, the bowling, the retail parks et al on a matchday then we feel that offers incredible value for money.”

It’s great to see clubs creating dynamic pricing structures which makes football accessible to future fans of the game and we congratulate the club on their Made in Motherwell campaign and ticket pricing structure for the season ahead. One of our key asks from last year’s Supporters Survey was that of ticketing pricing and the idea of ‘value for money’.  We challenged clubs to consider implementation of dynamic pricing structures and feel this announcement demonstrates a great commitment from Motherwell to make football as accessible as possible.

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