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Why Are Fans Not Being Consulted Regarding VAR?

Date: 2nd October 2021

It seems ridiculous after the last sixteen or so months, Scottish football still hasn’t learned that the supporters should be at the forefront of any conversation or key decision that impacts on our game. 

Yesterday The SFA stated on Twitter that they along with The SPFL consult with clubs to discuss the possibility in bringing The VAR (Video Assistant Referee) system to Scotland’s top flight and to the latter stages of the cup competitions: 

Once again there’s no mention of the fans being given their say. 

A quick look online will tell you that the majority of fans are against the idea. Let’s not forget the faithful that turn up to the stadiums each and every week will be effected by the introduction of VAR. It impacts on goals with both players and fans unsure for a few minutes whether or not they can celebrate. I don’t think a lot of stadia in Scotland’s Premiership will be able to communicate decisions and potential decisions promptly and properly to this in the stands.

After a year being locked out of football grounds, I just don’t think Scottish footballing fans want to see something coming in that will dilute their experiences. 

We were told a few seasons ago that the cost of introducing VAR would be too prohibitive up here. Why would that change now? Why would it change after a pandemic which impacted on every Scottish club’s coffers? 

If we want to improve our officiating, and we should, then there are two options out there that will do it to better effect (in my opinion). 

-You can make our top refereeing teams professional. Give the people in charge of games more responsibility and help. Let them be at their fittest and educate them weekly on how they can improve. When it isn’t their main job, then we cannot expect it to be their main objective. 

-Goal-line technology is fully up and running and it works splendidly. It is very clearcut and it is also used instantaneously. Bringing in goal-line technology will take away doubts about the ball crossing the line and won’t take away goals from players due to human error as happens now.

VAR in both England, and on the continent, still doesn’t work seamlessly. At moments it takes far too long, it’s still open to interpretation and it takes away from the game’s atmosphere.

I really hope that the top tier’s fan-owned clubs listen to their shareholders before this meeting and put forward the concerns from supporters.

It’s time that the average football fan should realise that they are the key stakeholders within this beautiful game and it is time that they’re heard when these huge discussions take place!

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