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Well Done, Motherwell FC And It’s Supporters!

Date: 8th July 2021

Today Motherwell Football Club announced something huge. 

It has been a really tough sixteen months for everyone due to the pandemic. People have lost loved ones, some have lost their jobs and others have struggled with their mental health.  

Yet football and football fans have continually come out in support of those that are less fortunate than themselves. Throughout this Covid-19 crisis clubs and fans have gone above and beyond to help those that are in need. 

This time it’s Motherwell and more importantly the Motherwell supporters that have shown the rest of society that football has an unbreakable bond with it’s local community! 

The club and it’s fanbase want Motherwell FC to be at the heart of the Lanarkshire community. The club have asked their loyal support to donate to a scheme that would allow them to fund free season tickets for those that are unemployed and for low income families. In return the football club will match each and every donation. 

The Well fans have certainly answered that rallying call and have done so in such a massive way!

So far they’ve raised a whopping £58,155, with all the money raised going into the fund for free tickets.

There’s still time for others to donate, help those less fortunate and give people in need something to look forward to at the weekends.

You can find out all the relevant information HERE.

A huge well done to Motherwell FC and to all those fans that have so far donated to this superb cause. You are an example that many others within the footballing world should be following! 

The greatest thing about Scottish football, in my opinion, is the fact that it can bring people together and it can help out the local community. That’s exactly what this fund will do.  

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