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We Need To See More Domestic Friendlies

Date: 21st May 2020

We all know these are unprecedented times, our politicians and journalists tell us this daily.

It’s no different for Scottish football. We need to try and come together and look after those that really need the greatest amount of help.

Instead of our bigger teams flying off to foreign preseason camps and having friendlies there, I believe they should look at having a staycation type preseason. Simply put, we have no idea when we will be allowed to travel abroad again during this pandemic and our clubs in the lower leagues could do with a boost of playing against some of the bigger boys. 

I’d love to have small preseason tournaments involving various local sides or have a minnow coming up against one pf the Premiership’s top teams. It shouldn’t be restricted to the first four leagues either, it should involve the full pyramid. We can’t leave any team behind! 

Even implementing such a scheme could prove to be extremely difficult. Obviously we have no idea when football will return or if it does when fans will be allowed to come into stadia to watch these clashes. 

That could see us possibly arranging two friendlies between domestic sides. One behind closed doors to get fitness back up and then another one in a year to boost revenue for the smaller sides via gate money. 

Maybe we could sell these friendlies to a broadcaster or sell them online and split the money out fairly between all participating sides. Surely supporters wouldn’t mind paying a small fee to finally watch Scottish football again, especially if they know a chunk of it will go back to their club. 

As well as arranging friendlies, I would also like to see the Premiership clubs (those with bigger squads and academies) being more accommodating when it comes to loaning players to those in the lower leagues. I’d also urge the bigger teams to scout the lower divisions more, I think they’d be surprised by the talent they can pick up at a very reasonable price in that particular market. 

I know we’ve seen a lot of infighting within the SPFL since this lockdown started but it really is time that football clubs look at coming together and supporting one another. Self interest will only get our clubs so far but if we start losing clubs within our system then we will start losing fans. For me, that’s the last thing Scottish football needs! 

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