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To B Or Not To B Team?

Date: 8th June 2020

The latest twist regarding league reconstruction has seen the idea of the big two in Glasgow having B teams in the lower leagues. 

To be honest, I have never been overly fussed either way with this suggestion.

That being said I am more inclined to agreeing with the idea if it gives us a bigger top flight, saves sides like Partick Thistle and Hearts from relegation (given they didn’t get a chance to save themselves as the 2019-20 league campaign ended prematurely) and it also protects the integrity of the pyramid system as both Brora Rangers and Kelty Hearts will get promoted to a new look, eighteen team, League One.

The plan does tick a lot of boxes. Both Rangers and Celtic would have to hire out stadia in order to play these B team fixtures and that will mean extra revenue for whatever sides agree to share their facilities. The proposal would also see the clubs paying £125k each to enter the league set up and that would be another boost to the coffers of Scottish football.

The players being twenty-one or under would hopefully boost our national team in the long run as these youngster get more meaningful minutes on the football pitch. 

But the plan does also pose a few problems.

Ross County chairman Roy McGregor has stated that it might be a better midterm plan rather than something the SPFL can rush through this summer. The whole idea could have been better served had it been brought up a month or so ago.

You would also have to iron out the rules regarding player registration, surely those that are registered for the B teams couldn’t play with the senior sides during the season unless they change during the winter transfer window.

It could also cost smaller clubs as Celtic and Rangers might be more reluctant to loan players out to sides in the lower leagues.

My biggest gripe is that once again we are seeing a proposal being floated and yet again the fans of Scottish football are not being consulted.

I have always stated that I am in favour of league reconstruction but it seems ridiculous that our football clubs would make these kind of game changing decisions without asking the main stakeholders of our game!

We really need to find a way that sees our clubs, The SPFL and The SFA being more transparent with supporters and adding their voices to the conversations that will change our game.   

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