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Calling All Scottish Football Supporters – We Need Your Help!

Date: 8th April 2015


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Gordon Waddell this past weekend wrote about the need for supporters to come together and show unity in order to have their voices heard.

We agree. Recent research conducted by the FREE Project states that umbrella organisations such as Supporters Direct Scotland have better representation amongst fans and therefore greater collective power within their club and so we’re calling on supporters to come together for the good for the game.

Next week (11th April) Supporters Direct Scotland begin Supporter Ownership Week, a week long celebration of supporters who hold their clubs’ destiny in their own hands. The purpose of this week is to inspire groups of supporters to come together and believe they can and should be more involved in the governance of their club.

We’ll have an active presence throughout the week through various media sources and some exciting news releases to share with you. We want to kick start the week with a bang and are calling on all fans that believe in community ownership to show their support for the movement through our Thunderclap campaign. We need 50 people to commit their social media signature to our campaign and make sure we spread the news that supporters can come together for a common cause (if we don’t get 100 accounts signed up, the message won’t send!).

Please sign up with your Twitter or Facebook account so that on the 11th of April, the message:

“Celebrate & promote supporter ownership of football clubs in Scotland with Supporters Direct Scotland & #SOW – #Ours

Can be shared with as many people throughout the digital world.

We recently wrote about the need for fan ownership and why supporters are often the best people to take forward the future of their clubs and we know there are hundreds of thousands of supporters of the model – but now we need to show it!



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