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Date: 10th January 2022

It’s sad that we aren’t even halfway through the first month of 2022 and we are already having to discuss abuse within the Scottish game once again. 

This past weekend Stenhousemuir FC Ladies were comprehensively knocked out of the Scottish Women’s Cup after losing 14-1 to the Rangers Women’s team. 

After the game the Stenny Ladies social media team reported that sadly some of their players had since suffered abuse from online trolls: 

It really is shocking and disgusting to think that some men still seem inclined to jump onto forums such as Twitter to comment disparagingly about the women’s game. It’s abhorrent that some of these same men the go out of their way to try and body shame women who clearly are just playing a game that they love. 

We all know that mental health is a huge factor in today’s society. Comments like the ones we saw over the weekend are simply designed to create a negative impact on independent women who are out there enjoying their time on a football pitch!

No football club has done more than Stenhousemuir when trying to combat against the Coronavirus and help those in need within their community. The women who play for the club are no different. They play part-time because they adore playing football and will be very proud of their team and teammates. To then get abused for that is beyond ridiculous, in my opinion, and Scottish football at all levels should join Stenhousemuir in calling these morons out. 

I’ve never been too keen to comment on a footballer’s appearance, especially not their weight. No matter their gender. By doing so it can knock that person’s self confidence and we never truly understand what battles another person may or may not be fighting. 

As I got older I started to understand that every person has a certain body type. We can look at people and class them a certain way just because of the way they look. Yet what we don’t understand is that that footballer could actually be the fittest and strongest within the squad. We should never just judge on appearance. 

I’m a person who never truly looks skinny, even when I’ve been under what should be my average weight for my height etc. Why? Because I have broad shoulders and I’m always looking a bit stocky. That’s why I could appreciate Wayne Rooney whenever people called him fat. What did these trolls know better than the medical and science teams at Manchester United? This was the same Rooney that broke goalscoring records for both United and England! 

It’s just plain ignorant to call out a player just based on the way that person looks. You have no idea about that player and their day to day life struggles. 

People also scoffed Stenhousemuir celebrating grabbing their goal when they were losing by ten goals. Again why do these people feel the need to try and bring others down? They scored against a good team, they tried something and it worked… Let them celebrate as they please. 

I’d really like The Rangers Women’s team to join in and call out the abusers. It would be a great way to show solidarity with a respected opponent. 

Let’s do more to rid ourselves of the mindless few or the few too many and let’s instead celebrate the passion the Stenhousemuir Ladies FC team have for the game we all love so much!

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