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Date: 24th March 2021

Scotland are just a day away from starting their World Cup qualifying campaign and mere months away from competing in this summer’s Euros. 

This got me thinking about the excellent fan media that surrounds our national team. When I mentioned this on social media, Scottish fans twitter came to the conclusion that we shouldn’t just attempt to provide excellent content but we should shout about the superb content others are providing too, 

With that in mind here’s a small list of the things that have excited me in regards to mainly fan led content featuring the Scottish national teams and people to follow on social media:

The Tartan Scarf@TheTartanScarf    

Scotland start their road to 2022’s World Cup with a qualifier against Austria. To find out more about our opponents Gordon Sheach spoke to Tom Middler from The Other Bundesliga in the new Tartan Scarf podcast. Check it out as it’s a great listen and it gives us some fantastic insight into one of our main World Cup rivals: 

Pure Fitbaw@PureFitbaw

The lads at Pure Fitbaw have been taking themselves to Twitch to give a new unique watch-along concept to Scottish football. They’ll be joined by The Tartan Scarf for the game on Thursday night. With us still not allowed into the stadium then what better way to share the experience with other passionate fans:

The Hampden Collection – @Hampdeners

If Scottish footballing history is your bag then definitely follow this lot on Twitter and checkout their website to see all the fine work that they’ve done in keeping the history of the three Hampden Parks to the forefront of our minds. The work they have done has already been invaluable and as well as detailing our rich history they’ve provided some exciting content for the local community. 

The Glasgow Football Tour – @LindsayH19 

Fancy rediscovering Hampden? Why not checkout Lindsay’s virtual tour which takes place on Saturday. Glasgow has tremendous football stadia throughout the city and Lindsay is dedicated to tell their stories: 

Alba/Matter – @Alba_Matter

They delved deep into the ‘Should Che Adams get a call-up for Scotland?’ debate and did so in a wonderfully written article that it makes you rethink how we use and should use social media. 

‘As a Tartan Army member – I couldn’t be more proud to be Scottish. I started a website for goodness sake. But that doesn’t mean I get to say who’s in and who’s out. Who feels more or less Scottish than me. Who is more or less Scottish than me. I can’t answer that for another person. It’s not my job. I can’t, in good conscience, start putting my own boundaries in place about something as fluid as national identity.’


Football From A Far@ByronHutchison 

More and more Scottish footballers are trying their luck abroad. Follow Bryon as he’s the man that keeps up with how all these expats are doing. 

Hampden Roar Podcast@hampdenroarpod

This is a great podcast that debate all things related to our national teams. I am looking forward to their upcoming pod with former Scotland striker Darren Jackson: 

Scottish Football Forums@sffpodcast 

For another podcast previewing the upcoming Scotland games checkout the Scottish Football Forums Podcast. For a special treat it features me! 

For fans of our national team and pin badges checkout @TartanArmyPins

You should also checkout @LeadingTheLine and their interview with international forward Fiona Brown. It’s a great place to keep up to date with all in the Scottish women’s game:

I may have missed a lot more stupendously braw content surrounding any of our national teams but fear not, I am wanting to big up this kind of content regularly so contact me on twitter and point me in the right direction… @Thefootyblognet


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