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Supporters Direct Scotland to advise Livingston FC on new Community Ownership plans

Date: 8th April 2014

Livingston FC

Supporters Direct Scotland (SDS) has been asked by Livingston FC to explore a route to the club becoming fully owned by its community.

Paul Goodwin, Head of SDS, said: “We are pleased to confirm that the club has asked SDS to look into and advise on how Livingston FC can become a fully owned community club where all the interested parties in West Lothian, including the Council, can play a significant role in building a sustainable community asset. We firmly believe that a solid business plan developed with all interested parties through a Community Interest Company can offer the best scope to build the club for future.

“We have been working with the club since October following the unexpected departure of the club’s then CEO and have expressed concerns about the finances of the club. The recent audited accounts show a loss in the last year in excess of £360,000 confirming that the club needs a radical change of course.”

Robert Wilson, vice chairman of Livingston FC, said: “We believe that Livingston FC is a club with its heart in the West Lothian community and hope that working with West Lothian Council we can provide a bright long term solution.” Paul Goodwin added: “The current Board at Livingston has invested heavily to save the club following its most recent difficulties and they have to be applauded for doing so. We are delighted that they have asked us to help them build a long term solution with the wider community at its heart.”

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