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Supporters Direct Scotland Council statement on membership

Date: 26th June 2015

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The following statement was issued by the Supporters Direct Scotland Council regarding membership to the organisation.

Supporters Direct undertook a consultation exercise with members in Scotland which concluded we should not limit full membership to only one supporters’ organisation per football club. While there were some suggestions that voting rights should be limited to one vote per football club, the Scottish Council and the Board concluded that to do so would be legally problematic.

In order to find a solution, we are able to confirm that at the last joint meeting of the Board and Scottish Council held in Glasgow, it was agreed that in Scotland we will accept more than one organisation per club in full voting membership, if they meet the full, democratic criteria for membership of SD, and that this will be closely monitored.

In addition, the SD board has decided to carry out a strategic review of the future long term structure and governance of our activities in the UK and continental Europe. Brian Burgess will be setting up a Chair’s Steering Group to oversee the review and will send you more details in the near future.

We think SD Scotland can be the leading example of how SD evolves to meet the needs of supporter representation in countries across Europe.

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