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Support for Celtic Supporters Club Affiliation Protest

Date: 4th March 2016

Supporters Direct Scotland fully support the Celtic Supporters Club Affiliation statement and protest on ticket pricing which reads as follows:

“In October 2015, Kilmarnock FC amended their tickets prices to £20 per adult for all Scottish Premier games this season apart from games against Celtic where the price for any adult supporter wishing to attend would be £26.

Kilmarnock, after listening to concerns of their own support that the cost of football was too high and that £20 was a fair and reasonable price, have decided to punish that same support just because Celtic are the opposition.

Why should all supporters who wish to attend this fixture, which has been moved to a 12:30pm kick off for TV, be asked to pay £6 more for this game than for any other game at the same venue in the same competition?

No supporter should be asked to pay more than another to watch the same product, in the same seats and using the same facilities.

The latest UEFA Licensing Report states that Scottish Football Fans pay the 5th highest ticket prices in Europe to watch a league ranked 24th. No supporter should be paying £26 to watch a game in Scotland. Talk to any supporter or look at the results of the many surveys on what is wrong with the Scottish game and ticket pricing is the main issue.

This situation highlights a broken and outdated ticket policy, which sees all supporters punished if a club has a larger travelling support or the game is categorised differently.  Situations like this one shows the problems that arise when clubs don’t discuss pricing with supporters or each other.

Enough is enough. Despite empty seats in nearly every ground in Scotland clubs continue to ignore supporters on the ticket pricing issue.

This is why we will be protesting at this game. We are asking supporters from both teams to join us behind the Moffat Stand from 12pm and not to enter the stadium until 5 minutes after the game has kicked off.  The majority of our members have taken the ultimate decision to boycott the game but some will be attending the protest.

We want Scottish clubs to work towards:

  • Lower ticket prices – Twenty’s Plenty for all!
  • End the categorisation of games
  • Standardised pricing
  • Enter into full and open discussions with supporters about the pricing of games
  • Enter into reciprocal agreements which benefit all match going supporters

Supporters deserve a fairer deal and a deal that gives supporters a greater say. We hope you will join us at the protest.”

Supporters Direct have conducted significant amounts of research around the price of ticketing in Scottish football and are fully supportive of the CSC’s statement and protests. See our own recommendations and proposals for ticket pricing below:


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