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Stay Safe At The Football During This Festive Period

Date: 16th December 2021

With the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus running rampant in Scotland right now, I am in no doubt that both governments will continue to look at what they can do to bring infection numbers down. 

Scottish football fans can continue to do their bit to stay safe and help keep others safe too. 

The best way to do this is by simply following the current guidance that’s in place. 

Please wear face masks in all areas that they are required (unless exempt). I’ve noticed that more and more people have been letting this rule slip in recent months, that can’t continue to happen. If you are moving around and are in a concourse area of a stadium then please put on your mask. 

Continue to wash your hands as regularly as you can as that can hopefully stop the spread too. 

If on a match day you’re feeling unwell, then I urge you to stay at home. Vulnerable groups go to the football  and it’s not fair to risk other people’s health if you come into a ground knowing that you’re not 100%. 

Some clubs with greater attendances will require supporters to show a vaccination certificate if you wish to enter the stadium. If you are going to these grounds then make sure you have your certificate at hand (Unless you’re exempt). The Scottish Government are requesting adults to go out and get their booster jab and I urge those that are eligible to go out and get that booster. 

If you are in smaller grounds and can walk around those, then I suggest not socialising as much as you may usually do.

I know I’m sounding a bit like the Grinch here but it’s important that we can still go to the games and we should try and allow that to happen as much as possible, so hopefully following these steps could help in that regard. 

Football can be a salvation for so many in this country. We went pretty much a full season last term without fans in our stands and it was painful. We don’t want to go back to those tough times. If we are proactive now and all do our bit to stay safe and stop the spread as much as possible then hopefully we can continue to go to our football matches, help others at risk in our local communities and also protect our NHS. 


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