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SPFL & SFA Need To Figure Out Lower League & SWPL Plans

Date: 9th February 2021

Today it was announced that the suspension of the lower leagues and The SWPL would remain in place and will be reassessed on the first of March. 

This is despite clubs in Leagues One and Two suggesting that they’d be willing to start Covid tests on players and staff, as they do in the Scottish top flight. 

The SFA announced that the Scottish Government have been instrumental in keeping the suspension in place. They have also stated that they have held regular talks with those clubs effected. 

Yet the SFA and the SPFL haven’t been totally transparent with our game’s main stakeholders – The football fans. 

The supporters of these clubs will have plenty to worry about during this pandemic; their health, their family’s health and job security to name but a few. Football at least provided a distraction and now a great deal of supporters within Scotland have to worry about their clubs and this season’s campaign. 

I truly feel more open communication direct with fans from the football authorities would ease a lot of tension. During this time many a fan has felt ignored and they still feel that way.  

The SPFL and The SFA should have contingency plans in place for curtailing or extending the seasons of those that have been impacted by the suspension. If they do indeed have plans afoot then they should tell supporters directly as well as the clubs. 

I think it would be best if we just cancelled this season’s Scottish Cup. It would be a difficult decision but one that would show the rest of Scottish football that the elite competitions aren’t the be all and end all when it comes to our game. 

There are definitely ways in which they could save the season for those lower league sides. 

It might be that we have to have an eighteen game league season for those in League One and Two. Then have some Play-offs to further decide on promotions and relegations. 

The footballing authorities must also make a decision on whether they’ll open up League Two to the winners of the The Highland League or The Lowland League, if not (like last term) then they should give those leagues the opportunity just to cancel this campaign if they so wish. 

As for the SWPL, maybe we could look at reintroducing the summer football calendar to end this term successfully. 

All this could be discussed and decided before the suspension review in March, to be honest it should have been extensively discussed before now. 

The fans should also be kept in the loop or even better they should be in the conversation too. 

We should never forget that football without the fans is nothing! 

By Scott Johnston (

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