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The SLO Interviews – Kenny MacLennan / Ross County FC

Date: 5th March 2018

As part of our work developing the Supporter Liaison Officer role in Scottish football, ensuring that fans have a point of contact and line of dialogue with their clubs, we’re seeking to promote the role via a series of interviews with people in the role across SPFL clubs.

This interview comes with Kenny MacLennan, the Supporters Liaison Officer at Ross County FC.

Firstly, how important would you say the SLO role is at a club? Would you say that it is vital looking to the future that all professional clubs appoint SLO’s?

Definitely, the role of the SLO is vital to bridge the communication gap between the club and its supporters, the role of the SLO on match days (home and away) is very important and a single point of contact that supporters or clubs can use to get vital information out to supporters. The role of the SLO is also very important when communicating supporter issues, concerns, complaints and suggestions to the club in a structured and organised manner. I think every club should have a Supporter Liaison Officer.

What does your usual working week consist of in your role as the club SLO?

My usual working week consists of dealing with email queries, social media queries, social media promotion, social media match information on the run up to any home or away match. At the match itself, if it’s a home match, I tend to help out where I can so I’m visible to supporters and available for them to approach me for any issues etc. I also carry out stadium tours, most recently for for two other SLO’s who were visiting – also arranged an out of hours tour of the stadium for a disabled fan who doesn’t deal with crowds very well. Also helped put together and promote a foodbank for Helping Hands Highlands at our recent home match with Motherwell – both home and away fans and the club donated well towards the cause.

What would you say has changed since you came into your position?

I think I have helped bridge the communication gap between the club and its supporters – the club felt that it was losing touch with its supporters and the SLO role was introduced to fix this and I believe it has, I have a great relationship with the supporters and they have been very supportive and helpful towards me and I’ve had some good meetings with the Chairman and General Manager.

What personnel and groups are you in liaison with as the SLO? For example working closely with Supporters Direct Scotland.

In communication with Andrew Jenkins at SD and have had draft copy of the SLO Handbook and have already used the handbook to help me improve aspects of the role that I do, also in constant communication with other SLO’s in Scotland and always doing my best to make them feel welcome when they visit Ross County.

What are your short-term and long term plans in your role? What actions are you looking to take to engage fans and further make a difference?

Regular supporter meetings, SLO clinics, regular social media engagement, supporter forums engagement, meet and greet at club hospitality and on match days home and away – would like to see more organised supporter groups created and that would ideally be one of my main aims, as well as improvements in local public transport for fans attending home games, I am in discussion with Stagecoach around getting discounts for season ticket holders on two main bus routes.

How can fans get in touch with yourself if they have any problems or enquiries?

Supporters can contact me via email at ‘’ or via Twitter @RCFC_SLO or mobile phone, I am also available on match days home and away.

As a Ross County supporter yourself how is it that you came to support the club?

Born and brought up in Dingwall and family members played for Ross County – being my home team I have always been a Staggie.

The best player you’ve ever seen play for Ross County and why?

Oh that’s a tricky one, need to be careful as my late cousin John “Jocky” Clark played for Ross County so would have to say John Clark, but my fiancée’s father James Garrow also played as a left winger for Ross County so don’t want to upset him either. But taking away the emotional element and looking at quality players we have had, I’d have to say Liam Boyce given his goals tally and the fact he was so talented and had such a great touch his goal against Inverness Caley Thistle where he took the ball down, turned the defender then curled it into the net was pure quality!

Interview by Ryan Crombie.

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