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SDS Strategy Day

Date: 30th January 2014


The 26th of January saw representatives of 16 different supporter trusts and fan groups come together for the Supporters Direct Scotland Strategy Day.

The event, held at Forthbank Stadium, home of Scotland’s first league club to be 100% owned by its supporters Stirling Albion, consisted of a presentation from Head of Supporters Direct Scotland Paul Goodwin on the organisation’s future in Scotland.

Within the presentation, he outlined the present situation and position of the community ownership movement within the country and how he envisaged the role of Supporters Direct Scotland in the movement’s future direction while asking for input and engagement with attendees and members of the organisation.

His presentation was followed by a talk from Henry Sneddon and Calum Robertson from the Foundation of Hearts group who are currently the preferred bidders for the Tynecastle club. From a group poised to take control of a club and convert it to ‘community owned’, the event was concluded by Drew Main from Pars United, Dunfermline Athletic’s fan centric owners. Both presentations told their respective tales of taking a club on the brink of liquidation to saving it and providing not only injections of cash, but optimism and community involvement. Attendees were encourage to engage, participate and ask questions for their own various aspirations for fan and community ownership and involvement at their respective clubs.

Supporters Direct Scotland would like to thank both Pars United and the Foundation of Hearts for their presentations in which they shared their experience and opinions on best practice for the benefit of all in attendance.

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