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Scottish Government Shouldn’t Bow Down To UEFA Pressure Regarding Euro 2020

Date: 5th March 2021

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Various media reports yesterday suggested that UEFA were ready to strip both Ireland and Scotland of EURO 2020 hosting duties, if those countries couldn’t guarantee that fans would be in the stands for this summer’s upcoming tournament fixtures. 

BBC’s Dan Roan suggests that UEFA have given a deadline of April the 7th for Scotland and Ireland to provide assurances regarding a return of fans in stadium or be stripped of their duties as tournament hosts. 

Now I personally have been blogging all year about my want to bring fans back to the terraces. Football is nothing without fans and the lack of supporters in grounds has been hard to take. It’s a sport that really provides positive impacts back into our communities in terms of money and well being. 

Scotland as a nation are obviously extremely eager to see punters going through the turnstiles at Hampden this summer as our men’s squad has finally qualified for a major tournament again!

But we have to also respect the fact we are still in a pandemic situation. Our politicians have to first and foremost look after the safety of our nation and it’s people. The numbers of people infected with Covid and those in hospital is still pretty high.

We cannot let a football organisation like UEFA strong arm us into any promises. 

Only yesterday The WHO (World Health Organization not the band) warned that there was a 9% rise in new infections on the European continent.  Just a quick glimpse of the recent figures will tell you that Romania, Hungary and the Netherlands are seeing case numbers rise, these all have Euro 20202 host cities. 

How can UEFA expect guarantees regarding fans inside stadia for this tournament when the case numbers are still so fluid? 

The Scottish government have to continue to follow the science. I do think we should have plans in place for say 30% to 40% Hampden capacities if we continue to see numbers of infections going down and vaccine numbers going up by June but we can’t offer 100% guarantees to UEFA or anyone else. 

I don’t want to come off as a killjoy, I myself have a ticket for a game at the Euros but if it’s not meant to be then it’s not meant to be. My wife is a nurse and she’s worked throughout the last decade in a Scottish ICU, the last year has been horrific, and I don’t expect football to add any unnecessary pressure onto the NHS. 

Fingers crossed we are still making good progress by the start of the Euros and UEFA don’t pull the plug on Hampden hosting games, as I believe we will see some fans in the stands. I just don’t know how many and I also don’t think we should be in a rush to make guarantees either! 

By Scott Johnston (



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