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Scottish Football Should Do More To Celebrate Pride Month

Date: 21st June 2022

Let me start off by saying that Scottish football acknowledging the LGBT community and Pride Month at all is a step forward from previous generations. 

Yet I still think a lot of our clubs could and should do more this month to celebrate a group of people whose number will surely only grow within the sport. 

Referees Craig Napier and Lloyd Wilson coming out earlier in the month was a huge step forward. 

A few of our clubs have changed their social media main pictures to incorporate the rainbow flag behind their own club badge, that is an idea I like because it feels like a natural nod to the local LGBT community. 

I know in the past some club’s have received a backlash for promoting any positive messages about the LGBT community but those negative comments, no matter their numbers, shouldn’t make a club rethink their policy when discussing and promoting inclusivity within a football club. 

When you look at the retail sector or hospitality, you’ll notice they have come out this month with a much stronger message of support. They are happy to show that they want to help and grow with the community. 

I know people will say ‘we have the rainbow laces campaign’ from Stonewall that happens around November time every year and that gets promoted during the season. That’s great but we should not have just one date in our diaries to make people feel welcome in football. 

In Scotland, hate crimes against the LGBT+ community have gone up in the last year. We as a society need to change that and football (in my opinion) can help!

Once again I believe football fans will probably lead the way on this issue. 

More and more clubs within the Scottish football leagues are seeing LGBT+ supporters groups pop up. These groups are now becoming established and will hopefully provide an area where new fans from their community can come together and feel safe at a football environment. 

Proud Jags are one such group and will take part in next month’s MardiGla Parade. This will hopefully provide the chance for more discussions and potentially bring new fans to Firhill. 

As I said earlier in the article, we have moved a few steps in the right direction this month. Next year during Pride Month I hope more clubs are bolder and louder in their support of the LGBT community! 

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