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Scottish Fans Need To Keep Money In Their Pockets

Date: 5th November 2018

Both Hibs manager Neil Lennon and Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos have been struck by coins during matches in Scotland’s top flight in the last seven days. 

Hearts goalkeeper Zdenek Zlamal was also struck by an opposition supporter as he went over to collect a ball that had ended up in the stands.

That type of behaviour is just not acceptable in Scottish football or in our society.  

It seems to be a regular occurrence that certain players will get objects thrown at them as the take corners or throw-ins and it’s time we stand up to these thugs a demand better from our terraces. 

Am I the only one that doesn’t carry coins anymore? I thought we all paid using contactless now. Plus fans are moaning that football costs too much these days, surely they need to be keeping their cash and not literally throwing it away! 

Seriously though, I can’t see a need for any supposed fan to trow an object, shout vile stuff or strike footballers. Hopefully all the perpetrators can be found, be dealt with by the police and then banned from football stadia for life. 

I get that football brings out a lot of emotion but at no point have I ever felt the need to abuse players or go into my pockets to find an object and throw it onto the pitch or at a manager. 

Last week, I wrote about how excited I was about Scottish football at the moment. Clubs are finally realising that they need to do more for their communities and that’s excellent. Then a few days later idiot yobs let everyone down with there behaviour. 

I’m not a huge fan of strict liability but if the current levels of disturbance are anything to go by, then the current punishments aren’t a deterrent. Maybe we should at least think about punishing the clubs if that’s the only way fans will start to properly police themselves. 

As a society we shouldn’t accept flares in the stands, sectarian/racist/homophobic chanting or objects being thrown onto the pitch. 

We can passionately back our players and even laugh at our opponents without trying to physically hurt anyone or be vile regarding a persons religion, race or their sexuality.

Now I should say that the majority do still behave themselves and can react properly to any situations that arise, it’s just a shame that the ones that let us all down are the ones that get the attention. 

Here’s hoping that we can get back to being supporters that can back our teams and that can then moan about everything else when the games over and we are back in the pubs or we are on social media! 

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