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Scotland’s Israel Tie Could Be Ideal Way To Bring Fans Back

Date: 23rd July 2020

The SFA are hoping that Scotland’s Nations League fixture with Israel in early September could be used as a test to bring fans back into the stadium. 

The final decision will come from the Scottish government but a test run in September, even if it’s just a certain amount of supporters back in at Hampden, would be ideal for so many teams in Scottish football. 

Obviously for our national team it would be great if we could get this test done and for it to be a success as that would lead to us having a crowd in for our very important play-off tie against Israel (again) in October. As we still chase our dream of qualifying for the Euros, the ‘Hampden Roar’ could be a difference maker for us! 

Then there’s the lower league sides.

The Scottish Premiership starts it’s 2020-21 campaign on the first of August but other clubs in the lower tiers will probably start in October. If we can have a successful try-out in September, then the lower league clubs could hopefully start with a certain amount of fans within their terraces. 

I spoke to a non-premiership club last week and was told that they were excited by the fact that they could start training again. But they remain frustrated as they haven’t received enough information regards new guidelines, an official starting date and that they need to have a plan for bringing supporters back into their grounds. Without fans in the long run they simply cannot survive and they know that. Whether it’s gate receipts, buying club merchandise or via hospitality those are the revenue streams that keep the majority of our clubs in business.

If we can start a season for those sides with some supporters in the stands and keeping socially distant, then it could be huge in terms of helping balancing the books.

It could also have a huge impact on the local community.

Some fans relish going to the football on a Saturday and it really makes their week. Having that again could boost their mental health. Also having a wee bit of normality on a Saturday could boost the retail and hospitality trade within the towns as the faithful enjoy a pint or two before games and buy snacks or newspapers beforehand. 

Even the Premiership teams will be desperate to get their loyal punters back into their stadiums. Yes they can offset it a bit by selling season tickets and offering those fans live streams but it really isn’t the same and they too will miss the revenue they’d get from mechanise sales and the money generated from hospitality packages at the moment. 

I am very excited that Scottish football is coming back next week and I really hope that fans can come back before too long! 

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