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Premiership Should Have Goal-line Tech, We Need A Route For Lower Leagues & Fingers Crossed For Euro Fans

Date: 3rd February 2021

I know VAR has been the main focus for many when it comes to football and technology, but I really believe Scottish football (especially The Premiership) should already have goal-line technology in use. 

VAR is complicated; it still throws up debates, it comes at a significant cost and can slow encounters down. Wth all that in mind, I get why so many are not in a rush to bring it in. If the top leagues in Europe still struggle with that type of tech, then I doubt Scottish football would get it right. 

Yet the goal-line technology that is available throughout the top leagues like the Premier League is already proven to be a success. It’s fast, with referees getting a notification within seconds on whether or not a ball has crossed the line. It can be the difference maker when it comes to results and who doesn’t want fairer results? 

Scottish football used to be seen as an innovative league, but I think we’ve dropped the ball here. It should have been introduced a few seasons back. 

Just this week I have seen two debatable chances that were not given as goals. Joe Lewis made a save to claw the ball away from his net in Aberdeen’s weekend draw with Livingston and then Scott Bain kept out a Chris Burke header. Now I think both officials probably got those decisions right but why should we leave it to chance? 


Scottish League 1 & 2 clubs have indicated that they want to get back to playing and even suggested introducing Covid testing to kick start their seasons. 

Unfortunately the Scottish football authorities have said that the lower leagues, along with the SWPL and the non leagues all over the country will remain suspended until at least the 14th of February. 

I truly believe that the SFA and the SPFL need to be more open when it comes to communicating their decisions, especially to fans.

Supporters whose clubs aren’t currently playing at the moment feel victimised and see their clubs/leagues being sacrificed in order for the top flight to continue, I can see why they’d feel that way. 

Without a transparent route back to playing, then we are just diminishing a lot of hope for clubs and fans alike. A lot of people have done so much to help their clubs in the last year and they deserve to be treated with more respect, in my opinion. 

Maybe it is time to sacrifice the Scottish Cup or hold a mini Scottish Cup tournament to begin next season and free up more weeks for league fixtures this term. 


It looks increasingly likely that if the Euros are to go on this summer then games will restrict it to just domestic fans entering the stadiums (if any supporters are allowed in at all). 

With Glasgow currently being one of those host cities, we could see Scottish fans watching games. That would be a dream for so many of us at this time. 

Fingers crossed the vaccine roll-out continues to be a success and that we can see the Tartan Army light up parts of the Euros this summer. 

To help make this possible we still need to stick to the government guidelines but hopefully there’s some light at the end of the tunnel! 


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