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Poll Results On Feelings Towards Fan Ownership From RST

Date: 11th November 2013


Following our recent meetings with the current board and the “requisitionists”, we conducted an online poll to determine the general feeling among our members as regards both parties and their vision for our club, and commitment to a greater level of fan participation / representation, on our route to fan ownership.

The results of our poll appear to show significant support for The requisitionists’ group. The specific results from the poll are as follows:

Who do you feels has the best vision for Rangers?

  • 86% voted for the requisitionists
  • 4% for the current board
  • 10% are unsure

Who do you feel is most committed to a better future for Rangers?

  • 87% voted for the requisitionists
    3% for the current board
    10% are unsure

Who do you believe is most likely to deliver increased fan participation, as a stepping stone to greater level of fan ownership?

  • 65% voted for the requisitionists
  • 2% for the current
  • 33% are unsure

The notices for the AGM will soon be issued by the club, and we intend to carry out a similar poll to determine how you, the members, wish the RST to vote.

As such, it is extremely important that you register with their new website if you have not already done so.

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