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Only Fans Truly Love Their Clubs!

Date: 27th February 2019

If the fall out from the Brendan Rodgers leaving Celtic saga has taught me anything, then it’s the fact that only supporters truly love their football club. 

Managers and players will give great soundbites and say things like ‘this is my dream job’ or that ‘I supported this club when I was a kid’. But ultimately for them, football is a profession and they will usually put themselves and their career first. 

Personally I don’t mind footballers and gaffers stating their love for a football club, I just don’t think it will always buy their loyalty. Maybe I’m a cynic but too many times they end up going elsewhere. They will usually go to the teams that will offer them the best wage and prospects, which is understandable given the nature of football both as a sport and as a business. 

Management staff and players know that they have a  potentially short lifespan in the game. Players can only play for so long, while football bosses know that a few bad results can see them getting the sack. Sometimes the board will get rid of a coach mid season and on those occasions no one shouts about loyalty. It’s just business for a lot of those that run the game and control the team’s affairs (on and off the pitch).

Yet the vast majority of football fans will always back their clubs through thick and thin. These supporters buy their tickets, cheer from the terraces, make purchases in the club shop and will buy shares if they are available. They might be shivering in the winter watching on as their side lose in a dismal display but they will be back two weeks later hoping for a better result. Without the faithful we won’t have football, never mind football clubs! 

They’ll go from school age into football stadia and treat it like a church, they’ll then continue following their beloved jersey with that all important crucial crest for the rest of their lives.  

It only hurts Celtic fans that Brendan Rodgers has left because of the huge success he enjoyed with them in Scotland. They simply can’t understand why someone would turn their back on them and their football club. 

But for various reasons managers, players and board members will always come and go. A football club is bigger than any one individual. I truly believe that. 

The supporters at every and any football club need to understand that no one will every love their team like they do. If you buy into all the soundbites then ultimately you’ll be left heartbroken and angry! 

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