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MSP Opens Consultation on Strict Liability for Clubs

Date: 10th January 2017

The MSP for Glasgow Cathcart, James Dornan MSP has proposed bringing a Members’ Bill which would make football clubs liable for the behaviour of their fans.

In his consultation document, Mr Dornan says the following:

My proposal to that challenge is the introduction of strict liability for football clubs. Strict liability means being able to hold a party responsible for certain actions and behaviours even if that party was not at fault or negligent. In a football context, this means holding football clubs liable for the negative behaviour of their supporters. My hope is that this will foster a less hostile environment at football matches, better reflecting the multicultural society that exists in Scotland, and encouraging football to become a method of bringing people together and not an event which can on occasions be used to create or perpetuate divisions. This would provide the SFA and Scottish football generally the opportunity of creating a new and sustainable vision for the sport.

SD Scotland will submit a response to the Consultation via its Advisory Group, however individuals are welcomed and encouraged to submit their own views.

For further information on the proposal and how to submit your views, please go to:

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