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Money from gate receipts in Scotland is the highest percentage of revenue across Europe’s 53 leagues

Date: 13th January 2017

A new report from UEFA has highlighted the crucial contribution supporters make to the game in Scotland. UEFA’s Annual ‘European Club Footballing Landscape’ report has again illustrated the value Scottish supporters make to the game with the stand out statistic being that money from gate receipts accounts for 37% of revenue for clubs, higher than any other country in Europe’s 53 leagues.

The report goes on to highlight a number of key facts about the state of the game in Scotland, including encouraging news of improved attendances:

The report really emphasises the huge contribution to the game supporters make, with clubs more reliant upon supporters’ ticket money than TV money – a stark contrast to the situation in England where clubs earn over £1b through broadcasters.

SD Scotland are keen to highlight the emotional and time resource they also commit to following their clubs and hope this report emphasises the need for Scottish football to adopt a fan focused approach to the game. Through the Scottish Football Supporters Survey and our Forum, we’re ensuring supporters’ views on a range of issues are listened to. Help us by participating in upcoming surveys and our engagement and campaigning tools to strengthen the voice of fans in Scotland.

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