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Loving Livi’s Support Of Local Teams

Date: 7th December 2021

Livingston FC’s social media team were in full swing this past weekend. 

They made some funny barbs against Scottish Premiership rivals Hibs and radio presenter Ewen Cameron on Twitter which garnered much mirth and attention. 

But for me, the best tweet of the day from @LiviFCOfficial was the one they produced below: 

A key strand of Supporters Direct Scotland’s work in Scottish football is to promote the social impact of clubs at all levels in our game – not just the professional clubs in the SPFL. With support from SD Europe’s 2021 Fund we encourage football fans to get to know their local teams better. Our football pyramid now includes 287 teams competing across every part of the country. Every one of them plays a vital role in their community – never more so than during the Covid-19 pandemic – and every one of them will give new fans a warm welcome.

A strong bond between local communities will only boost the community as a whole. 

More of our bigger sides should take a leaf out of Livingston’s book. When they are not playing on a Saturday (for whatever reason), then our Premiership teams should do their upmost to promote local football to those fans that may crave more football that weekend. 

The benefits of going to those games are pretty good too. I’ve always stated going to lower league or non league matches are often tremendous occasions. I love that you can wander around the grounds and not stuck in the same seat, you’ll usually get some tasty cuisine and watch some good football at a very reasonable price. 

Who knows you might make new friends or you might fall in love with a new team! 

The other great incentive is that you’d be supporting a club that will need that extra cash and support, they’ll welcome you with open arms. That will in return boost the local community further. 

I would love to think that a few Livi fans made a trip elsewhere in the West Lothian region and just enjoyed a day out on Saturday, sampling football at a different level. 

Once again I would like to say well done to Livingston Football Club for highlighting what was going on in Saturday in their local area. Hopefully other clubs will step up to the plate and try and boost local community clubs by showcasing what games are going on when they aren’t playing on a Saturday! 

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