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Let’s Ignore The Opinions Of Those That Never Watch Scottish Football

Date: 6th August 2020

The Scottish Premiership kicked off this past weekend and us Scottish football fans are now desperate for the rest of our game to return. 

Unfortunately the return of the Scottish top flight has coincided with the summer hiatus of the English game. That has seen a rise of condescending views from the English media and some of those on Social Media. 

They don’t like the standard of our game, they enjoy comparing it to the mega rich Premier League and they’ll try their upmost in devaluing our football clubs and our players. 

Yet when you think of these radio stations, podcasts and Twitter users they clearly don’t care about Scottish football when they have the bloated riches of the Premier League to occupy their minds. They simply don’t know our product or the assets within that product. Thus meaning their opinions are usually baseless and not worth worrying about. 

Does Scottish football have it’s failings? 

Yes and no one knows them more than the supporters of Scottish football. We don’t do ourselves any favourS when it comes to marketing our game abroad, we still have no sponsor for our professional leagues and a lot of our managers and players are the same old faces we’ve been used to for a few seasons now. 

But we also know our achievements. 

When you look at the ‘mighty’ English Premier League (which I’ve enjoyed since it’s inception), there’s currently quite a few good players there that have played some of their football up here. Names like Virgil van Dijk,Andrew Robertson, Kieran Tierney, John Fleck, Stuart Armstrong, John McGinn, Kasper Schmeichel and James Maddison are just some of the names that spent some of their career up here and they have enjoyed good seasons with their clubs in England’s top flight this term. 

Most of our clubs now recognise that our communities are vital when it comes to keeping our game alive and have therefore created wonderful links with those that need them the most. They offer further eduction tools to kids and have started various projects to help the elderly and the vulnerable. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic clubs via their community trusts and charities our clubs helped by providing meals to those that needed them, various activities for school kids to keep them occupied during lockdown and have been selling face masks featuring club badges and their teams colours! 

Volunteers and club employees have gone above and beyond during this crisis and that should never be forgotten. 

In return the public have been donating money back to football clubs, bought season tickets and club merchandise. 

I think it is terrific that we have major Scottish clubs that are now owned or part owned by the supporters that care the most about those football institutions. 

The standard of our game has also improved and that’s why we are now seeing our best players attracting interest in bigger leagues and transfer fees slowly improving too. 

We love our game and a whole bunch of us want to get back into the stadiums, stand in the terraces, have a blether to pals and enjoy a pie and bovril at half. When it’s safe to do so, we’ll be there!

We certainly don’t need the glitz and glamour of the prawn sandwich brigade. We also don’t need the middle to upper class podcaster or football writer to pollute our airwaves or computer screens with unwitty ‘banter’ that is just out to troll the ‘Jocks’ while they wait for the morning that they can enjoy smashed avocado on toast with a chilli drizzle before setting off to enjoy a drab 0-0 draw in the Premier League!

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