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Let’s Have Away Fans In All The Grounds!

Date: 30th September 2021

Supporters Direct Scotland always champions the fans. We truly believe without fans football is nothing! 

An atmosphere is always greatly enhanced when we’ve got supporters in the terraces and when both sets of supporters are in the stands then that creates the best of experiences. 

That’s why it’s sad that we’ve continually seen both of Glasgow’s big sides refuse entry to away supporters this term. 

I could understand it more when attendances were reduced dramatically due to Covid but we are now at a time when we are getting close to full capacities again. 

Rightly fan-owned clubs such as Motherwell and Hearts have questioned why they are still not getting a proportion of away briefs for games at Ibrox and Celtic Park. 

In recent weeks Motherwell and Dundee United have picked up valuable away points in Glasgow, yet their hardworking players couldn’t celebrate with the devoted away support as they were locked out. 

The SPFL should and probably do have rules in place to rectify this issue and should now put Covid on the back burner when it comes to red tape and have normal fan allocation rules back in place. 

Too many times, in my opinion, The SPFL will side with the bigger clubs or they’ll shy away from a fight. 

Another issue is that quite a few of The SPFL’s own rules are slightly too vague and relies on a strong SPFL board to resolve disputes, which hasn’t always been the case. 

The Scottish Premiership isn’t a two team league and Scottish football isn’t just one league either. 

You can have as many reviews into The SPFL and Scottish football as a whole as you like but until clubs and our footballing governing bodies seek to make everything clearer, fairer and have fans front and centre of the discussion then we will always see failings within our game and have supporters missing out! 

By Scott Johnston (@TheFootyblognet)

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