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Let’s Forget About League Titles!

Date: 15th March 2020

I know it has been difficult not having Scottish football this weekend but we need to realise that this world pandemic is more important than fixtures and league titles. 

Go on social media sites or check out the back pages of newspapers and you’ll see far too many people are worried about what will happen to the current season.

Who will win the league? Who will be relegated? Who’ll be promoted? 

This isn’t the time for infighting or for over the top speculation. That just causes heated debates and we don’t need that in our communities at this moment, even online ones!

We shouldn’t worry about the 2019-20 season until Covid-19 has reached it’s peak and things start to calm down.

People are losing their lives to this virus and others will probably lose their livelihoods. Some football clubs further down the pyramid will genuinely struggle to survive due to inactivity. We should be concentrating our efforts on helping each other just to get through this situation as best as we can.

When the time is right, then we will come back to the 2019-20 campaign and look at it rationally and take a view on it. I hope that this virus passes quickly and without much more devastation but that could very well be wishful thinking. 

We have options when it comes to the current league campaign. It could be voided, we could decide things on how it all currently stands or we might be able to fulfil the fixtures at a later date. 

But as is, we don’t need to worry about that issue right now, as a society it really isn’t a problem worth getting worked out about. Our NHS is being bombarded with sick people, our elderly are scared and our supermarkets are being decimated. 

We need to remain calm and sensible. Think of the bigger picture here. Stay safe and if you can, help others that need it. 

Scottish football has always caused arguments but this is the time to put it to the back burner and think of our communities and our own health. 

It really is pointless worrying about a league place! 

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