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Independent Review of alleged non-recent child sexual abuse in Scottish football

Date: 21st September 2017

During November and December 2016, a number of reports appeared in the media in relation to allegations of non-recent child sexual abuse concerning individuals involved in football in Scotland.

Against this background the Scottish FA Board have determined that it is necessary to instruct an independent review into what, if anything, the Scottish FA and/or any of its members and/or affiliated and/or associated organisations knew in relation to these matters at the relevant time and what action did and should/could have taken place at that time.

The Review will also consider what lessons have been learned by Scottish football since these incidents took place to ensure that the risk of abuse is reduced and where possible eliminated.

The Review Team have contacted SD Scotland stating they believe it is important that football supporters are offered an opportunity to make a constructive contribution to the Review. Contributions should focus on what changes and improvements supporters think need to be made to make our national game safer for children and young people at all levels (bearing in mind the Review concerns matters of sexual abuse and harm).

It is recognised that some supporters will have ’strong views’ and it is acknowledged that these are sincerely held. However the Review is interested in receiving constructive ideas and suggestions for improvements to all aspects and levels of the game which will help prevent the likelihood of children and young people being sexually exploited or abused. If individuals have experiences or information relating to offences that may have been committed, we encourage them to report this in the first instance to Police Scotland.

SD Scotland have agreed to helping invite supporters contribute to the Review process via our Scottish Supporters Network.

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