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Date: 25th March 2020

With much of Scotland now under some kind of lockdown, many of us are in our homes looking to occupy ourselves. 

You might think that with Scottish football being out of action that there’s no point looking for football content, well you’d be very much mistaken!

The Scottish football online community has been working wonders in providing us with some much needed articles, blogs, podcasts and tv programmes. 

First off we have the last of a ‘A View from a Terrace‘ episode hit our screens last friday, don’t worry the boys will be back once football resumes. 

The last episode was fantastic. I particularly enjoyed Craig Fowler, Shaughan McGuigan, Joel Sked and Craig Telfer discussing potential league reconstruction ideas. 

Duncan McKay as always was great as he tried out a new job, this time he was trying to take match-day pics as a photographer at a unforgiving Cliftonhill. Another highlight was the VT that showed one man’s wonderful football programme shop in Leith. It really embodied the passion so many have for our game and the wee things that football throws up. 

A View from the Terrace is currently available on The BBC iPlayer

The guys at Pure Fitbaw have produced a top notch podcast looking at the legal and administrative side of Scottish football. It features Laura McCallum (@laurasportlaw) and although it was recored pre-covid19 it’s still a very interesting look at a very relevant topic.  

Another podcast to check-out is the one from the Scottish Football Forums. In their latest show they had ex-Aberdeen player Jamie Winter on.

Jamie discussed his role as an ambassador with Back Onside, which is a great mental health charity. They were recently helped out by Scotland captain Andrew Robertson after the charity was being swamped because of the effects Covid-19 was having on vulnerable people and the charity itself.

If you can help then a look at the Scottish Football Forum’s Just Giving page with their funds going to Back Onside.

Over at Nutmeg Magazine they’ve got a sublime article up just now from Daniel Gray called Silent Saturday

It’s a ghostly look on how so many football fans have had to grasp and understand why their not allowed to currently enter their favourite stadia during that first weekend without our beautiful game. 

Football clubs have been doing their own bit to provide much needed content for their supporters. Some are coming out and helping their communities and others need help just to survive this current crisis. 

I love the above tweet from Patrick Thistle as it keeps the fans at the heart of the club. It has such a touching message. Well done The Jags!

The SFA have stepped up too by re-showing some of our nation’s most memorable games on Youtube and Facebook. 

Please continue to follow government advice. My wife is an ICU NHS Nurse and people like her are doing their absolute best to help us all and we can help them by staying in our homes and only going out when it’s essential. 

You can still help your clubs from your living room. 

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