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Hearts Will Just Become Stronger When Fan Ownership Goes Through

Date: 20th August 2021

It might have taken a little bit longer than expected because of the Covid pandemic but later this month Ann Budge will transfer her shares over to The Foundation of Hearts group thus making Heart of Midlothian the UK’s largest fan owned club! 

I think this will be such an amazing step forward for the club. I also believe that this could be such an educational move for so many other teams who might be considering taking a similar step. 

When it comes to business decisions off of the park, Ann Budge has made some great calls and the Foundation of Hearts have pretty much been there all the way. Those in the fans group will cherish the fact that Ann will continue to support all of the club’s efforts via the foundation for as long as possible. 

Any interaction I’ve had with the Foundation of Hearts has always been positive and the members have been immensely proud of being able to save and help in whichever way possible to support the football club. 

To become custodians of the club will just add to their love and it should see a safe business in the longterm. No one person can replicate the love and loyalty that comes from an entire fanbase. 

Hearts are a football club that I have always admired. 

I went to Tynecastle for the St Mirren game in 2012 when the financial troubles were starting to really it home with everyone. Over 16,000 turned up that day and the stadium was rocking. It was on of the best atmospheres I have ever been apart of, it literally produced goosebumps. I knew there and then that those supporters would do all that was possible to save and enrich that football club.

Last year when the pandemic hit, I thought Hearts were very dignified in their response to all that was happening to them. They had to play in The Championship last term and won that league. Now they are back in the top tier and unbeaten in their return to The Premiership. 

I also love Big Hearts, the club’s community trust. They do so much that benefits their local community and beyond. We regularly praise their amazing work. Again the way Big Hearts functions just proves to me that the Hearts support can handle the pressures of running the business and see it flourish. They are always professional, empathetic and ambitious! 

For years and years, people were always sceptical when it came to fan ownership. Yet I think with Motherwell, St Mirren and the like Scottish football has proven that it can really work well. 

I definitely think Hearts will just continue to show the footballing world that you can trust fanbases to step up and help successfully shape the club’s future for the better. 

To the Foundation of Hearts we wish you all the very best! 

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