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Getting to Know Your Supporters Trust – ArabTrust

Date: 27th April 2018

It is well documented that Supporters Direct Scotland work closely with supporters trusts up and down the country and with over 25 trusts now the fans voice in Scotland is growing. In this new series we will look to speak to all supporters trusts in Scotland so that fans can learn more about their own specific trust’s roles and aims whilst seeing what is going on around elsewhere.

The next in our series is ArabTrust. 

So, what is the ArabTrust?  

ArabTRUST are the third largest shareholder of DUFC with representation on the club’s board of directors and are official partners of the club in diversity and inclusion.

What does the ArabTrust actually do?  

ArabTRUST have 4 Key objectives:

  • Support Youth Development at the club 
  • Support United in the Community 
  • Increase our Shareholding in DUFC for the benefit of all fans
  • Represent our members views and raise issues through our Associate Director

ArabTRUST have and continue to provide essential funding and sponsorship for specific projects and initiatives particularly in Youth Development and Community Involvement. We raise money from our hugely supportive membership, various fund-raising activities and sales of merchandise through our shops within the ground. 

We also provided non-monetary support in partnership with the club with inclusion and diversity initiatives, including Foodbank Collections, Anti Racism Campaigns, Prostate and Oesophageal Cancer awareness, Football Memories and Refugee Inclusion  Events.


What have been your finest recent achievements?  

ArabTRUST were instrumental in the setting up the charity United for All which within the last 12 months have taken over all club community activities and renamed (DUCT) Dundee United Community Trust.  DUCT are now the official charity partner of the club and expanding rapidly.

In the area of Youth Development ArabTRUST were key along with other supporters groups to setting up the Dundee United Youth Development Board (DUYDB), The Youth Development Board are responsible for co-ordinating fundraising by supporters groups and ensuring that all money raised are channelled directly to Youth Development for example funding additional staff required for progressing Project Brave including the new Head of Sports Medicine and Science,  over the medium term the DUYDB will be working with the club to achieve Elite status within Project Brave.


Unfortunately it’s been a challenging few years for Dundee United Football Club, how are you still looking to engage fans despite this?  

ArabTRUST are constantly striving to “unite” the Dundee United support.  We are actively involved with the Supporters Liaison Group within the club and are working closely with the Dundee United Business Club (DUBC) and United Ladies of Tannadice (ULT).  We have always reached out to the other fans groups to find some common ground to work towards helping improve the fortunes of the football club.

What are the main obstacles you have found at the ArabTrust?  

 The main obstacle is the fractured nature of the United support at the moment ArabTRUST feels strongly that it is only by working together that we can make real progress, for this to happen everyone with United’s best interests at heart needs to put the past behind them and concentrate on what actions we can put in place to strengthen the club to the point where we can get back to the Premiership and challenging for honours.


Do the club listen to what the ArabTrust have to say?  

Absolutely. We have through our Associate Director a direct line to the other board members and heads of dept at Tannadice, we are very vocal on many issues within the boardroom and while we don’t agree with a number of decisions that are made we are part of the decision making process with all of the responsibilities that carries.

We work with the club on many level on a daily basis giving the ArabTRUST unique access and influence for the benefit of all supporters

What are the ArabTrust’s current and eventual aims?  

Continue to meet our key objectives, and work with other supporters groups in common areas to help build the future of the club, particularly in the areas of Youth Development and Community Involvement


How many members does the ArabTrust have?  

ArabTRUST has always had typically 10% of the season ticket holders.  Currently we have more than this and as things improve on and off the pitch we anticipate this growing even further.  ArabTRUST have never given out exact info on our membership and see no benefit in it. 


Finally, just how easy is it join the ArabTrust and why should any Arab do so? Sell it to us!

It is very easy to join ArabTRUST.  You can do so online at  at one to the ArabTRUST Trading Posts located in the foyers of the George Fox Lower and Eddie Thompson Lower stands and the Club Shop opposite Tannadice.

At £15 per year for adults and Free for under 18’s it’s an absolute bargain.

In joining ArabTRUST you are joining a supporter’s organisation that is actively engaged with the club on a daily basis, holds a significant shareholding, invests every penny raised into the clubs Youth Development and Community Programs and is working with the Board of Directors at the club but challenging them where necessary.


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