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Getting Excited About Scottish Football Again

Date: 10th July 2020

The Scottish government has given the green light to The SPFL to grant them permission for The Scottish Premiership to start their 2020-21 season on the first of August. 

Scotland’s top tier teams have already started preseason training and they’ve also be told they can now arrange preseason friendlies. 

It is hoped that our other leagues will start a shorter campaign in October. Hopefully our women’s domestic season and the grassroots game will soon get the news they need to start preparations to start again. 

Now I know some will not appreciate the timing of the kick-off. Hearts and Partick Thistle might feel it’s being rushed to stop any remaining hopes they might have of changing the structure of our leagues for the up and coming campaign. 

Then of course there’s the lack of supporters. 

The new football season will start with games being played behind closed doors. Now ideally I’d always want supporters within the stands at football matches. Only fans can help change fixtures due to them raising the noise levels and getting that little bit more out of their players! 

Now football clubs only survive due to their fanbase, that has been confirmed during this Covid-19 crisis.

Even though faithful supporters have no idea when they’ll be back within football grounds (here’s hoping it is around October time) they have remained faithful to their beloved clubs and bought season tickets, club endorsed face masks, replica kits and they’ve gifted funds via kickstart and JustGiving pages. 

Those fans that have sacrificed financially deserve the chance to follow their teams even if it’s only via online streams, on the radio or on TV. Football gives people yet another focus to work towards. 

Now Scottish football always manages to create talking points, even during a worldwide pandemic. But nothing beats watching and talking about our favourite players making last ditch tackles, clearing the ball into Row Z and grabbing a vital last minute winner! 

I know it’s a bit sanitised watching a game through a screen, not seeing supporters in the stadiums and having cheers being piped in from studios but I will take that over teams going out of business or fans losing hope that football will not come back this year. 

That’s the thing about Scottish football it is the hope we crave more than anything. That’s what keeps us going and that’s what will get us back into the stands as soon as it is safe to do so! 

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