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Fans Need To Support Own Team And Not Abuse The Opposition

Date: 15th April 2019

Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes claimed that his sending off at Hampden yesterday in the Scottish Cup semi final was due to him reacting after hearing a sectarian song being aimed at him from the Celtic end, although the Dons boss also admitted that the game’s scoreline didn’t help:

“I had let it go the first time but I shouldn’t react and I’ll take my punishment. I was wrong to do so, I should be better than that.”

“I’ve heard that song a hundred times aimed at me so I think frustration from the game has played a part. It’ll be interesting to see if everybody gets punished.”

Celtic’s own manager, Neil Lennon, has been one of Scottish football’s main victims when it comes to being abused by opposition supporters. Earlier in this campaign, while he was managing at Hibs, Lennon was hit by an object during the Edinburgh derby at Tynecastle. 

Various players have also been hit from flying objects like coins, lighters or flares that are being thrown from the stands.

A Hibs supporter also jumped on to the pitch and confronted Rangers captain James Tavernier. Celtic forward Scott Sinclair has been racial abused quite a few times since he joined The Hoops in 2016. These incidents are totally unacceptable! 

The singing of sectarian songs and abusive chants has been pretty common in various stadia up and down the country this season. It’s an issue we’ve had for decades and it just doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon. 

More managers have spoken out about the troublemakers and that’s led to the press shining a brighter spotlight on the problem. I believe that the press need to do more to highlight the issues and we need to look at different ways to solve the problem. We need to bring together the football authorities, the clubs, the police and supporters associations and tackle the situation head on. Talks need to be transparent as that will make it easier for everyone to agree to a strategy. 

In truthfulness, I just don’t get why supporters have to act like morons as soon as they step out wearing their team’s colours or take their seat at the stadium. 

Why do so called supporters decide that instead of cheering on their own players, they instead shout abuse at the opposition? 

That doesn’t galvanise your team and if anything it brings the club’s reputation down. 

Parents will understandably think twice about going to games with their families if they continually hear bad language or sectarian/racial abuse being yelled from the terraces. 

There’s so much positivity that can be found in Scottish football, yet unfortunately we get bogged down by the bigots and the idiots. 

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying we can’t have banter, criticise refereeing decisions or bad challenges but the shouts and screams should be about those decisions and tackles and not about a person’s race or religion.   

It’s time that the smart fans begin to demand better from fellow supporters and show everyone that the best way to support your team is by singing and cheering on their own and not abusing or caring about the opposition players or supporters.

If the problems aren’t snuffed out by the clubs and their fans, then the calls for strict liability from politicians and the press will grow! 

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