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B Teams in SPFL League Two?

Date: 5th April 2021

Plans to introduce Celtic and Rangers B teams into League Two for the start of next season are being finalised for a vote by SPFL clubs. We have engaged supporters on this topic in the past, but were keen to know whether the opinions of Scottish football supporters had changed.

Fans of all 42 SPFL clubs completed the survey, along with fans of Highland and Lowland League clubs. As well as gauging the level of support for the current proposals, we also asked fans whether they believed the introduction of B teams would improve player development, and what other changes might help to achieve this goal.

We shared interim findings from this survey with both the SFA and SPFL prior to their recent board meetings, and have now updated the results to share with you.


Survey Results

Overall, just 23.2% of Scottish fans are in favour of these proposals – with a sharp divide between the views of Old Firm fans and fans of other clubs. 88.2% of Old Firm fans are in favour, but only 11% of other fans support these proposals. Support is lowest (8%) amongst fans of the other Premiership clubs, with 11.3% in favour in the Championship, 10.4% in League One, 17.6% in League Two, and 37% support from Highland and Lowland league fans.

Of those in favour of the proposals, we asked whether promotion should be possible through the divisions. Around three quarters of these survey respondents agree that promotion should be permitted, but most feel that promotion should be limited to League One (25.1%) or the Championship (34.6%). Only 14.1% of these respondents believe that B teams should be allowed to reach the top division.

Regardless of their response to previous questions, we also asked fans whether they would watch their team play against a B team. Again, the responses from Old Firm fans were starkly different from fans of other clubs – 80.3% of Rangers and Celtic fans would watch these matches, compared with just 16.2% of other fans (a combined response of 26.3% overall).

Similarly polarised responses were received when we asked whether the introduction of B teams would result in improved player development – 88.9% of Rangers and Celtic fans believe that player development would be improved, compared with 11.2% of other fans (23.4% overall).


“How else do you think Scottish football could improve the development of elite young players in Scotland?”

Almost 2,500 fans took the time to answer this question – many at great length! This gives us a lot of food for thought, and while it will take some time to analyse it fully, prominent themes appear to be the loan system, academy infrastructure, a reserve league, limits on foreign players and targets for the inclusion of home-grown players.

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