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The Colours of our Scarves

The Colours of our Scarves

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It’s only the colours of our scarves that make us different.

Colours of our Scarves is a Scottish Government funded project run by Supporters Direct Scotland tackling sectarianism in Scotland around football and sport specifically.

The issue of sectarianism in Scotland is one that has been discussed and debated, with countless attempts to address the issue seeing varying levels of success from Governments, Charitable organisations, Football clubs and independent bodies.

Sectarianism itself is a deep rooted cultural issue that dates back generations and effects society as a whole. Sectarianism has traditionally been perceived to manifest itself primarily through football supporters at football matches and football related events through language, song and actions which in some cases have led to violence and sadly even murder.

The Colours of our Scarves

Between 2013 and 2015 the “Colours” programme engaged with football supporters and communities surrounding football stadiums and on match days to promote equality for all and gain an insight into the perceived prevalence of sectarianism on a regional basis.

Over the period of work the project surveyed over 2400 people and delivered to more than 2000 individuals through workshops and focus groups through an engagement programme that consisted of working in partnership with SPFL football clubs, educational institutions, residents groups, schools, supporters groups and football trusts.

The objective of the programme in 2015-2016 is to now work with the non-professional pillars of Scottish football promoting and delivering a message of equality, inclusion and diversity.

The Colours of our Scarves

We are looking to work with youth football teams, regional associations and establishments that are engaged in delivering training for players or coaches.

If you would like to get involved or find out more about the programme please watch the videos above or get in contact with the project manager.

Mark Reid
Project Manager
Colours of our Scarves
Tel: 01324 604 640

SD Scotland, 118 North Main Street, Carronshore, FK2 8HR.