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We as an organisation are proud to be researching and further examining the role of supporters within the game in Scotland. In order to best assist supporters and aid their efforts, we believe it is essential to be constantly examining the game and supporters’ perceptions of its many elements.

To this day, it remains true that football supporters are the lifeblood of the game. For many years it could be argued that fans have been engaged in a ‘dialogue with the deaf’, whereas in the past four years, supporters have not only had a voice, but through ours and our members work, we can see they have started to be listened to by football authorities. We have a long journey ahead of us; but we are confident that working with all the stakeholders in the game that we can have a very real impact in the game we love.

The views of supporters are critical to the future of the game and our research aims to best represent the views of supporters to the game’s decision makers and through our role as the supporters representative on the Scottish FA’s Congress have a structured means of relaying and promoting supporters consensus on issues.

Over the past few years, we’ve been able to work with several organisations on the development of our papers, particularly the Scottish Football Association, Football Research in Enlarged Europe (FREE), the Scottish Disabled Supporters Association (SDSA) and the University of Stirling, of which several past and present Sport Management students developed much of this research. We do thank all of these organisations for their support and look forward to working with then in the months and years ahead, as we as fans can really start to have a positive input to how our game can be improved.



– Supporters Perceptions of Football Governance
– Womens Football
– Summer Football

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