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10th April 2020
A Look At League Reconstruction

It’s looking increasingly likely that the Scottish 2019-20 football season won’t come to a natural conclusion.  My preference has always been to wait it out and finish the various league… Read more »

6th April 2020
Saluting SLOs!

In these extremely difficult times it’s vastly important that football clubs continue to keep communication open between themselves and their supporters.  Clubs are have managed to keep their social media… Read more »

3rd April 2020
Scottish Football Needs To Stick Together

It’s important, especially in tough times like these, that football clubs and associations realise that the closer they stick to their fans and their communities then the better it will… Read more »

2nd April 2020
Should We Forget About “Getting Back To Normal”?

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, our first concern has to be our health, the health of those around us, and the health of everyone else in society. Yet… Read more »

2nd April 2020
Think Twice Or You’ll Bet Regret It

We know that many of you will be at home, potentially struggling to fill the time, feeling a little isolated or anxious. In these times we’ll often turn to various… Read more »

27th March 2020
Donate A Ticket

A crowdfunder for all 42 clubs has today been launched at As the campaign site says… A football club is made up of far more than the players we… Read more »

26th March 2020
SFA and SPFL Payments Demystified!

Following the suspension of Scottish football, there have been a number of articles in the media regarding the financial support being provided by the Scottish FA to our clubs. £1.5m… Read more »

25th March 2020
Highlighting Scottish Football’s Good Stuff

With much of Scotland now under some kind of lockdown, many of us are in our homes looking to occupy ourselves.  You might think that with Scottish football being out… Read more »

24th March 2020
Coronavirus – Joint Response Group Update

We would like to share the latest report from the SFA and SPFL’s Joint Response Group, which meets daily. Following today’s meeting of the Joint Response Group, and further to… Read more »

19th March 2020
My Favourite Scotland Jersey

Self isolation can be hard, it can be extremely tough for those of us that adore our football as that’s also in lockdown.  With that in mind, it can give… Read more »