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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Scottish Supporters’ Network (SSN)

What is the SSN?
• What are the mission / vision / objectives of the Network?
o The objective of the Network is to be the voice of fans. Rather than try to identify a single point of view, the Network will reflect the diversity of views found within and among fan groups.

It is envisioned that in the early days SDS will facilitate communication between fans, Government, football authorities and other decision makers. In the longer term the Network could be used as a basis of wider policy development.

Communication will be two way between members and the Network. Over time communication between members would be something that can be developed.

• How is it governed?
o The Network will not be a body in its own right but rather a loose network of fans and Supporters’ Organisations which SDS will help to organise. The Network will therefore not be complicated by governance issues. The Network will be facilitated by SDS who will put forward the views of fans registered with the Network.


Who can join the SFSN?
• Are there any restrictions in terms of league / number of members / incorporated / constituted / number of organisations at a club (ie only the umbrella organisation or all groups?
o The Network will be open to either individuals or Supporters’ Organisations who have an interest in Scottish football


How can my organisation join?
• What is the process?
o Supporters’ Organisations, particularly the larger ones, will be approached by Council members who will outline the purpose of the Network and seek membership to it. Their details will be stored in a database.
o Other Supporters’ Organisations and individuals will be able to sign up online. This information will be drawn through into the database.

• Does the application need to be approved before membership is granted?
o No.


What are the benefits of joining SSN?
• Rights / responsibilities / benefits arising from membership?
o Benefits include joining together with other fans and Supporters’ Organisations to ensure that their voices are heard; help influence policies affecting Scottish football and receive regular updates on issues affecting Scottish football and / or its fans.
o As it is a loose network of organisations there will be no rights or responsibilities.
Will you contact my members?
• Are membership lists required or just membership numbers?
o Only numbers will be required.

• How will the Network communicate with organisations and vice versa / how often?


SDS will communicate with Network members by:
o Regular email updates will be sent to members.
o Articles will be posted on the website.
o Surveys will be carried out.

Network members will be able to communicate with SDS via:
o Email.
o Meetings.
o Social media.


What is Supporters Direct Scotland (SDS) role in the SSN?
• How much influence will they and SDS have in the Network?
o As SDS is facilitating the network, they will be able to set the agenda and direction travelled.

• Will SDS act as spokesperson for the Network or will the Network decide that?
o SDS will represent the views of the fans within the Network.

• How will SDS handle conflicts between its objectives and those of the SFSN?
o These are less likely to occur if SDS sets the agenda. The only other organisation who may wish to influence the work of the Network would be the Government. Conflicts are less likely to occur if SDS can clearly state the Network’s objectives.

• How much influence will individual organisations or groups of organisations have?
o The Network will be facilitated by SDS but should take heed of the issues important to members to ensure credibility.


How much does it cost to join?
• Is there be a membership fee and if so annual or one – off?
o It will be free to join the Network.

• Are organisations expected to contribute towards surveys or campaigns and if so how will costs be decided?
o In the early stages members will not be asked to contribute. In time a “donate” button will be added to the website.


Will my organisation have to conform to SSN rules if we join?
• Are there any expectations in terms of contribution or conforming?
o No, SDS will only be seeking their views.

• Will there be a Code of Conduct which organisations joining the Network will be expected to sign?
o No.

• How will the Network handle differences / complaints levelled against members either by other members or by external agencies?
o As SDS is only seeking the views of fans and not seeking a consensus this should not be an issue.

• Can members be removed if so how / by whom?
o No, there should be no need.


Can individuals join the SSN?
• What are their rights / responsibilities / benefits compared to those of organisations?
o Individuals are free to join and like Supporters Associations do not have any rights or responsibilities. The benefits will also be the same as those for the Supporters’ Organisations:
 joining together with other fans and Supporters’ Organisations to ensure that their voices are heard;
 help to influence policies affecting Scottish football;
 receive regular updates on issues affecting Scottish football and / or its fans.